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Noto Municipal InfoPoint Collaboration

📢 Exciting Collaboration Announcement! 🌍 is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Noto Municipal InfoPoint! 🤝
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La Filarmonica della Scala di Milano

Filarmonica della Scala concert pays homage to Callas in Noto On July 9th

La Filarmonica della Scala a Noto

Filarmonica della Scala Concert Pays Homage to Callas in Noto On July 9th, in front of the majestic Cathedral, conducted by Robert Trevino The renowned Filarmonica della Scala Orchestra from Milan is set to commemorate the centenary of Maria Callas‘s birth with a remarkable concert scheduled for July 9th at 9:30 pm. This extraordinary event will take place in the backdrop of the iconic steps of the Noto Cathedral, an architectural gem representing Baroque splendor and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Under the masterful baton of Robert Trevino, conductor of international acclaim, the Filarmonica della Scala Orchestra, known as one of the world’s finest ensembles, will enchant the audience with two magnificent works from the romantic symphonic repertoire: Mendelssohn’s renowned “Italian Symphony” and Beethoven’s captivating Symphony No. 7. Additionally, the orchestra will pay a heartfelt tribute to the incomparable Maria Callas, performing the stirring Overture from “Norma” and the iconic aria “Casta Diva.”

Maria Callas

This highly anticipated event, proudly supported by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Noto, the Ministry of Culture, and the Sicilian Region, is conceived and produced by Mediatica in collaboration with the Association Concerti Città di Noto.

Gianni Filippini, the organizer, expressed gratitude to Mayor Corrado Figura for his unwavering commitment in hosting and promoting this significant musical celebration. Filippini also acknowledged the invaluable support of several companies that have invested in bringing this concert to life. This ambitious project aligns with Noto’s ongoing vision of becoming a globally renowned destination. Set against the backdrop of the Cathedral steps, the performance by one of the world’s most esteemed orchestras promises to captivate the audience with a program of extraordinary beauty.

La Filarmonica della Scala di Milano

The unique stage, framed by the architectural marvels of Palazzo Ducezio and the Church of San Nicolo’, will serve as a fitting platform for the 65 virtuoso musicians of the Filarmonica della Scala Orchestra, led by the talented Robert Trevino. With limited seating available, only 700 fortunate attendees will have the opportunity to experience this enchanting concert live, immersing themselves in an exclusive and evocative ambiance. An exclusive package is also offered, providing access to a memorable evening that includes entrance tickets, a welcome drink, a post-event dinner, and a program catalog.

Join us for this exceptional musical celebration, as the Filarmonica della Scala Orchestra transports you on a transcendent journey, paying homage to the extraordinary legacy of Maria Callas amidst the timeless beauty of Noto’s Southeast Sicilian landscape.

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