Marzamemi is a charming fishing village that attracts visitors from all over the world. It is located in the south-eastern tip of Sicily, where the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet. It is part of the municipality of Pachino, in the province of Siracusa, and it is very close to Noto, the capital of Sicilian baroque. Marzamemi is a place of great beauty and charm, but also of delicious food.

The history of the town is closely linked to the sea: the tuna fishery is a historical testimony of the importance that tuna fishing has always had for the economy of the town. Even today, small artisanal industries of tuna and swordfish processing are the main economic activities, along with tourism.

Picturesque and exclusive, Marzamemi has been chosen several times as a location for movies and TV series and it will be your location for a dream holiday.

What to see in Marzamemi

The symbol of Marzamemi is the Tonnara, one of the oldest and most important in Sicily. Today it is elegantly furnished and used for events and private receptions, but it remains a historical testimony of the indissoluble bond between the town and the sea.

Another very suggestive place is the Isolotto Brancati, or Isola Piccola, which rises in front of the port. On this rocky outcrop emerged from the sea, a elegant red-walled villa was built, which was visited several times by the playwright Vitaliano Brancati, cousin of the owner. It is an exceptional photographic subject and it will make you dream of being owners of a villa on a private island too!

For a few hours of relaxation immersed in nature, visit the Vendicari Reserve, a few kilometers from Marzamemi. It is a natural oasis that allows you to enjoy an uncontaminated nature close to the city, take wonderful walks along the coast or sunbathe on wild-looking beaches.

From Marzamemi you can also visit with a day trip some of the most fascinating places in south-eastern Sicily such as Noto, Modica, Ragusa and Siracusa.

Beaches near Marzamemi

Not far from the entrance of the town there is the Spiaggia Spinazza, bathed by a crystal clear sea, which is generally not crowded. With a rental car you can move further away and explore the enchanting coast of south-eastern Sicily in search of the most beautiful beaches.

A particularly suggestive beach is the Spiaggia dell’Isola delle correnti, located at the exact point where the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Among the beaches not to be missed within a radius of about 20 km from Marzamemi we recommend Spiaggia di Calamosche, Santa Maria del Focallo, Carratois and Isola di Capopássero (in front of Portopalo).

Marzamemi on SicilyBoat

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